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About Us

UAE Business Directory is the most comprehensive business directory in UAE. It is a far-reaching listing of at least 15.000 companies located throughout United Arab Emirates.

UAE Business Directory hands over investments opportunities not only locally, but also in each of the Free Zones. Experts in business registration procedures and business policies, UAE Business Directory offers a great deal of information relevant to investors as well as businessmen.

We live in a time of global economic advancements, where innovation is the key. It became clear that one needs to focus on their business growth as well as business associations. What do you think about a service that offers you every contact and information that you need to have in order to establish your business in UAE environment?

Who are we?

We are a team of professional business consultants who offers support and excellent solutions for all the companies enlisted or set up in UAE. Established in 2001, UAE Business Directory is highly recognized on the market for its consistent and exclusive consultations. Our client-oriented approach helps us hand over the finest business expertise to our clients.

Each of our company’s solutions for the businesses enlisted in our directory are tailored according to the clients’ needs. Moreover, we show constant dedication and we are invested in every client. We never say no to a challenge, thus we have a great ability to solve not only simple, but also complex problems.

What do we do?

UAE Business Directory offers services for any establishing business in the Middle East ranging from setting up your company in a Free Trade Zones to setting up an offshore company in UAE. Until now, we have successfully cooperated with more than 1000 companies in order to help them set up their business in UAE.

The Gulf region is growing at a steady pace, therefore it is essential for your business to be set up according to the market. UAE Business Directory helps business formation and operations in UAE.

Our Values

  • ✓ Professionalism
  • ✓ Innovation
  • ✓ Proficiency
  • ✓ Efficienty
  • ✓ Customer-orientation

Are you looking to set up your business in UAE?

You came to the right place. UAE Business Directory will help throughout the whole process. We are known for our professional approach, so feel free to contact us.

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