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Address : 502221 Location :
Phone : 04 3902207 Fax : 04 3678636
Email :
Activities :
Nature of Business :
Address : 500056 Location :
Phone : 04 3912260 Fax : 04 3912270
Email :
Activities :
Nature of Business :
Address : 261138 Location :
Phone : 04 8838861 Fax : 04 8838862
Email :
Activities :
Nature of Business :
Address : PO Box 50060, Khor Khwair Industrial Park, Ras Al Khaimah, RAK Free Zone, UAE Location :
Phone : 07 266 0028 Fax : 07 266 8969
Email :
Activities : Armored personnel carriers, Armored SUVs, Armored operational vehicles, Armored tactical vehicles, Armored ambulances, Armored VIP vehicles, Armored luxury vehicles, Armored military vehicles, and Armored police and law enforcement vehicles
Nature of Business :
Address : 96535 Location :
Phone : 04 3241955 Fax : 04 3241957
Email :
Activities : •Eddy Current & IRIS Tube Inspection System •Long Range thickness measurement on pipe lines, wave maker •Storage Tank Services •High Temperature Endoscopy •Thermographic Services •Tank Floor Testing Corrosion Surveys •Explosion Proof Colour Flexiocan Inspection System (C.C.T.V.) •Positive material identification (PMI), on site locations •Ultrasonic Mapping Technique/ Testing of Bolts + Thread Ends/Turbine Rotors •Rope Access Service (No Scaffolding) •Phased Array
Nature of Business :
Page 1 of 155 (771 items)FirstPrev[1]234567153154155NextLastAll

About UAE Business Directory

UAE Business Directory is one of the most complex business directories in the United Arab Emirates. It contains a portoflio with at least 15.000 companies, all located throughout UAE. 

Apart from providing your company an opportunity to enlist your business in a long-time established online business directory, we also offer you with investment opportunities for your business both on a local and international level. Thanks to our business expertise and an experienced advisory team, we are able to offer qualitative information relevant to business investors.

UAE Business Directory will help you promote your business throughout United Arab Emirates. In this way, you will boost your business visibility. If you decide to collaborate with us, your business will be listed among high-notch businesses.

Our Online Business Directory will give you the chance to learn more about us and understand the perks of advertising with us. Additionally, when it comes to business support you will be provided with information related to: setting up your business, office spaces and virtual offices.

Why choosing our Online Business Directory?

Taking into consideration the globalisation and the technological advancement, we came to the conclusion that an Online Business Directory will be very efficient for businesses.

Moreover, having an online business directory is more practical and it will give your business easier access to its customers.

Here you can find a full list with all the current businesses we work it, as well as their business domain and location. You can also read relevant information about United Arab Emirates, such as the current top industries.

By working with us, you will be provided with support for setting up your business in UAE or setting up a virtual office in UAE. Also, the opportunity of networking and finding the right partner for your needs is one of the most appreciated qualities of our business directory.

Advantages of listing your business with UAE Business Directory

  • The opportunity of increasing your business visibility
  • The opportunity of entering a selected network of companies and businesses
  • The opportunity of quickly finding the right partner for your business needs
  • Innovative ideas to promote your business in the online environment
  • Easy access to our services
  • Access to multiple online services
  • Real-time business support and advice

Why should you collaborate with us?

We are a well-known business directory and business support platform in the United Arab Emirates. We will offer you the proper assistance in forming and setting-up your business in UAE.

Since we talked about assistance, our professional advisory team offers solutions particularly tailored to each of our customers. Therefore, your business will benefit from unique services, suitable to your business plan and vision. We will be able to understand your needs from your point of you.

All in all, we like to keep a professional approach to our clients, yet friendly. In this way, we will build not only trust, but a lasting collaboration.

If you think your business will thrive if you work with UAE Business Directory, feel free to contact us and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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