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Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic a natural gum also called gum acacia, its E number is (E414) and its EH number is (120300) is an exudates obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal trees and produced naturally as large nodules during a process called gummosis to seal wounds caused by taping the bark of the tree, to initiate the process of exudations. Gum Arabic, a natural gum also called gum acacia, is a substance that is taken from two Sub-Saharan species of the Acacia tree, Acacia Senegal and Acacia seyal. It is used primarily in the food industry as a stabilizer, but has had more varied uses in the past, including viscosity control in inks. Its E number is E-414.
Gum Arabic is a complex mixture of saccharides and glycoprotein, which gives it one of its most useful properties: it is perfectly edible. Other substances have replaced it in situations where toxicity is not an issue, as the proportions of the various chemicals in gum Arabic vary widely and make its reliable performance troublesome. Still, it remains an important ingredient in soft drink syrups, "hard" gummy candies like gumdrops, marshmallows, and most notably, chewing gums. For artists it is the traditional binder used in watercolor paint, and was used in photography for gum printing. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics also use the gum, and it is used as a binder in pyrotechnic compositions. It is an important ingredient in shoe polish. It is also used often as a lickable adhesive on postage stamps and cigarette papers. Printers employ it to stop oxidation of aluminum printing plates in the interval between processing of the plate and its use on a printing press.
Beverages Products & Bakery Products
GUM ARABIC is widely used as the preferred emulsifier for citrus oil containing flavor emulsions. The ability of the gum to stabilize foam is still used in the manufacture of beer and soft drinks. Gum Acacia is also used to clarify wine and fix tannins. It has components which bind to water, and components that bind to oils, making it an emulsifier, but not a surfactant (because of the high molecular weight). GUM ARABIC is widely used in the baking industry for their low water absorption properties. The gums are cold water soluble and have impressive adhesive properties for use in glazes and toppings. Gum Tragacanth is still a preferred ingredient in bakery emulsions, particularly used in conjunction with Gum Acacia (Senegal), because of its resistance to emulsion breakdown under high heat conditions coupled with its contribution to desired viscosity.

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  Company Name DANDARY TRADING  
  PO Box 17557
  Emirates DUBAI
  Telephone 04 8809116
  Fax 04 8809117


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