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Financial Advisory Services
Having changed the ground rules of HR consultancy & being constantly driven by sheer determination to provide end to end solutions to our clients, Virtus has ventured into the financial consultancy services providing personalized and customized solutions to the various financing and investment requirements of their clients. Our boutique offerings include an elaborate bouquet of financial products & services, advising clients and enabling them to meet their financial needs at competitive terms and minimal turnaround time. Our professional team strives to assist our clients in achieving their fund raising objectives by formulating tailor made financial products and services based on comprehensive research and financial re-engineering. Virtus Financial Advisory Services provides its clients with world-class financial solutions to fulfill their funding requirements, providing just that additional thrust required to propel their business at different stages of their dynamic business life cycle. Our specialized financial services include: - Debt Financing Advisory - Financial Re-engineering - Audit Advisory - Insurance Advisory - Investment Advisory - Project Financing Advisory - Private Equity Arrangement - Company Formation Advisory - Will Writing Advisory To learn more about these services and how we can help you, please contact our advisors below: Amit Srivastav on +971-55-5716614 or email: Deepak Nagar on +971-55-8101448 or email:

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  PO Box 476418
  Emirates DUBAI
  Telephone 04 3423066
  Fax 04 3423066

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