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•Eddy Current & IRIS Tube Inspection System •Long Range thickness measurement on pipe lines, wave maker •Storage Tank Services •High Temperature Endoscopy •Thermographic Services •Tank Floor Testing Corrosion Surveys •Explosion Proof Colour Flexiocan Inspection System (C.C.T.V.) •Positive material identification (PMI), on site locations •Ultrasonic Mapping Technique/ Testing of Bolts + Thread Ends/Turbine Rotors •Rope Access Service (No Scaffolding) •Phased Array

Products / Services

Regional and Overseas Third Party inspection
With liability and environmental concerns at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to ensure your vendors are complying with standard manufacturing, testing, and inspection procedures. When you put an Inspec inspector at your vendor site, you are assured that :
•Traceability is maintained •The right materials are used •Testing procedures are correct •Inspections follow approved guidelines •Product quantity and schedules are correct •Quality is assured in all phases of manufacturing
Non Destructive Testing
Examination is carried out by using a pulse echo wave which is generarted electrically. The use of an A scan presentation enables an immediate response to a signal received from a discontinuity within the item being examined. The electrical pulses are transformed into mechanical waves which can travel meters in fine grain materials.
Radiography (X-Ray & Gamma Ray)
The form of radiation either X-ray or Gamma rays from a radioactive source are utilised to test a component exposing a photographic film placed on the opposite side of the radiation source.
As X-rays and Gamma rays are harmful full safety precautions are set down in the INSPEC site safety manual and the "Code of Practice for Site Radiography" issued by the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom and the specific Countries laws.

Contact Details

  PO Box 96535
  Emirates DUBAI
  Telephone 04 3241955
  Fax 04 3241957


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